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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages

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SEM Packages
(Search Engine Marketing)

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If SEO is not your cup of tea or maybe you're looking for something quicker, then Search Engine Marketing is the next-best option.

With our SEM package, our team will guide you through the process of creating the accounts, campaigns, budgets, networks, mobile device targets, geographical targets and much more.

Every month, you'll get a full report on the performance of your Google ads and any adjustments that will need to be made.

What makes this product unique is that the cost of the package includes management and ad cost.

Here is a snapshot of our packages:

Basic Google Adwords

  • Ideal for small-volume, local campaigns
  • 17,500 target impressions 

Premium Google Adwords

  • Ideal for medium-sized audiences
  • 30,000 target impressions

Premium Plus Google Adwords

  • Ideal for bigger audiences, local campaigns
  • 45,000 target impressions

Elite Google Adwords

  • Ideal for the biggest of audiences
  • 45,000+ target impressions

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Our 4 Types of Search Engine Optimization

Do-It-Yourself Organic Search

Our complete web solution comes standard with awesome SEO tools built in to help maximize your exposure on the web. From Google to Yahoo or Bing, we've got the framework and platform to help you excel. There's a built-in directory submission tool to help you cover all the major search engines to ensure your new website hits the web where you need it. If you know what you're doing, the do-it-yourself option is a great start to optimizing your website.



Local Organic Search

Let our team spend a little time discussing your desired reach and business goals as we prepare an intensive local organic search campaign. With our solution's built-in tools, we'll look at SEO tasks related to keywords, page titles, page descriptions, headings and plenty of other methods to help your website stand out and be found.



Regional Organic Search

If you're looking for BIGGER, then you're in the right spot! Our team will call and discuss your goals and reach and begin a great journey with your website. Using our built-in tools, we'll conduct all the tasks related to improving your site with keywords, page titles, page descriptions, headings and more. Content is king here, so we'll write a bunch of content that will help optimize your website. Up to 15 pages optimized.



National Organic Search

If you're looking for the big Kahuna, the Real Deal and SEO that kicks butt, then look no further. Our NOS (National Organic Search) is the ticket to drop the pedal to the metal and get the rankings you want on a grand scale. Combine all the local and regional stuff and kick it up a few notches, and this is what you get: the motherload of SEO packages!



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