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Brinks Web Solutions FAQs

Q: What types of websites do you build?

A: We build all types of websites. From 1- to 10-page marketing websites to 50-page eCommerce and SEO-backed websites, we work with a wide range. Some of our largest websites are over 200 pages and we have a custom programming department to handle anything specific. If you're not sure if we can help you, contact us and we'll be the first ones to tell you if we can help you out or not.

Q: How much do your websites cost to build?

A: Without taking a look at your project, it's really tough to throw out base numbers. We can get you a quote with just a few questions, but ultimately it depends on the workload involved to achieve what you want. Remember that Brinks Web Solutions is a business-class web solution packed with marketing tools and a 24/7 team to coach you through your online presence. 

Q: Do I own my website?

A: Yes, you own the content and the rights to the website. If we do design work, logo work or even custom work, you will own the rights to the work we provide to you.

Q: Will I have a contract with BWS?

A: We do not do contracts unless specified before the project begins. We believe that if we can do a great job, you'll keep your business with us and we'll continue to provide an awesome web solution. 

Q: Why should we hire BWS?

A: There are a lot of good reasons to hire us for web design. Here are a couple:

1. We build powerful websites
2. We make things simple
3. We're affordable
4. We're friendly
5. We're honest
6. You're the boss 

Q: Other companies are charging $600 for a website. Why shouldn't we use them?

A: Be careful with these companies; we've seen them too! You are going to get exactly what you pay for with these companies. Your site will be a template, and you won't be able to change anything or contact anyone. You won't show up in search engines. The reason not to choose them is the results you'll get or not get for the low cost.

Q: How long is the web design process?

A: The process really depends on the information the client is able to provide. As long as we keep the project moving forward and have the info we need, most projects will range between 6 and 12 weeks, ideally. 

Q: Do you offer anything else besides web design?

A: Yes, we offer a whole host of online products. From eCommerce to social media management, online advertising and SEO (search engine optimization) services, our goal is to be your turnkey web solution.

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